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Updated: May 17, 2019

In the complex system of our body there is an invisible network of channels through which energy flows. It is she who coordinates information that is transmitted from our body to the brain. According to the beliefs of the Far East, there are points of convergence of energy paths in the human body called chakras. The theory of Intelligent Energy of Life, knowledge of chakras is the basis of the teachings of the East, Hinduism and Buddhism, and evaluated assistance in alternative medicine. It derives from the ancient tradition, the sarnkhya philosophy, in which yoga also comes from its source. The chakras according to Ayurvedic medicine are the organizational center for receiving and absorbing life energy. These are energy centers in the human body that energize individual areas of the body.   Chakras - the center of your consciousness Chakras form the energy basis for various functions of consciousness and mind and participate in energy exchange. They correspond to the seven basic levels of awareness of survival and safety, sexuality, strength, emotional intelligence, personality, perception and wisdom, they focus on the seven elements: earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, thoughts. They represent our mental health and well-being, physical health as well as integrate the body, spirit and mind. Chakras manifest various life experiences. The energy that flows through it affects the level of our life satisfaction and prosperity. According to Ayurvedic medicine, the appearance of disease means weakness, one of the chakras. Individual energy centers are characterized by physical and emotional ailments. The chakras can be either open or closed, excessively and inadequately active, and their blockages or overloading can constitute a variety of life problems. If the chakra is blocked in the closed state, it is unable to generate and receive energy on a specific plane, eg the energy of love or communication [1]. To bring the body into balance between the external energy field, I invite you to the sessions

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