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Updated: May 17, 2019

Working with an inner child, discovering a child in itself is not a return to childish behavior, but restoring the right to all that is characteristic of a child (joy, openness, honesty, courage, creativity, etc.). We are not to be infantil, only to become fully living people. For this to happen, you often have to go back and "overwork" physical and psychological abuses committed by others. The following exercises can be used in this work: 1. Consider what your childhood was like, what did you take away from it, do not idealize it, try to see what was good and what you consider to be bad. Think about what you would like to fix, change in your childhood and what to save, what to return to. 2. Imagine yourself as a child. You can draw them. What is it, how it looks, how old it is, how it is dressed, how it moves, or maybe sits or stands, how it feels, needs something, what it is afraid of, what it is ashamed of, maybe something / someone waiting, looks out for someone ? Listen to his voice, what does he say to you? Ask how you can help him. 3.Imagine yourself as a child. Talk with him. Ask them for different matters, ask questions that you have tormented and listen to the answers. 4. See yourself as a child. Surround them with love, care, protect them, make them feel good. Talk to him aloud, ask what she needs, watch, be concerned. Listen to the answer and act as if you were looking after your child. Take care of the child that is in you. Sing him lullabies, talk to him, read fairy tales, go for a walk with him. Pamper them, if you need them, give them your love and love them. 5.See your inner child. Take a piece of paper and write a letter to him. Follow your reactions, look at the emotions and thoughts that arise when writing and reading the letter. Sample letter (from the book "Therapy of the internal child" P. Karpowicz)

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