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Code of Tarot

Updated: May 17, 2019

Are tarot cards 78 individual pictures or a coherent system of laws recognized by human consciousness? For centuries, tarot cards have been the best tool for forecasting the future. Curiosity to learn about future events prompted me, in the last decade of the last century, to buy the first deck of cards, and so I started my own adventure with tarot. Initially, like other people, I got to know the cards and learned the meaning of each of them separately. Over time, I began to look for links between different cards, look for structures hidden in the tarot. After many years, I noticed that all the cards form a specific system, so I arranged my own structure of their connections, showing the TAROT CODE. This initiated a new way for me to a deeper understanding of tarot cards, deepened the meaning and interpretation of the cards. I gained new experiences and more and more knowledge, which I began to use in reading the fate of various people. I decided that when analyzing a person's personality, one can already speak about the knowledge of a tarot called tarology. I have developed my own method, the method of reading human life through tarot cards, a fixed card code, and I constructed a tarological portrait as a mystical tool for measuring personality. I present the effects of my many years of experience in this book.                                                 because life decided so                                                                              by     Iwona Stelter

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