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I learned from my own experiences and people who have set steered my  destiny on my path to help people. After many years, of study, reading and educating, I have  created my own card work system called the Tarot Code.
During your reading the tarot cards are arranged in a specific structure according to the symbolism, meaning of the cards, their hierarchy and the element of energy. This  allows me to analyze the card layout in a sensible and logical way and seek answers to your various questions. 
I am a believer and translator with the language of the tarot. I can help hear the whispers of instructions and solutions. I can help you see messages, show you patterns, and allow you to gain new experiences.

Understanding the structure and connections of the cards I  analyze each clients personal development and their fate and to recognize the karmic burdens. I create a Tarological Portrait (a map of a person's life) which will help you  to understand yourself , your own predispositions, strengths and weaknesses, and will provide ways to influence fate.

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